Celestial House of the North by Kathryn Devereaux PhD

Alternative Thinking 37

The following was written as you can see by Kathryn Devereaux PhD.
It could be essential to our work and we do not want to lose it, it carries a CC Creative Commons License so we made a copy to share.
Ms. Devereaux’s blog can be found here:


Casa Rinconada-fig 2-Munro et alCasa Rinconada, Chaco Canyon. Construction of Casa Rinconada was begun in 1070 CE to observe the Big Dipper and likely the position of the rainbow Corn maiden, Alkaid, during the winter solstice.

Chaco winter solstice 1000 CE-CNPChaco spring equinox 1000 CE-CNPChaco summer solstice 1000 CE-CNPChaco fall equinox 1000 CE-CNP

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