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Efficient nano motor cleverly harnesses light

Jul 7, 2010 2 comments

Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley Labs and the University of California have made a new nanoscale motor that can drive a disc 4000 times bigger than itself. It is powered via the so-called “plasmonic effect” and could be used to manipulate ultra-small objects like DNA and for powering nanoelectromechanical machines (NEMS). At merely 100 nm across the motor looks like a tiny windmill, inspiring the researchers to dub it a “light mill”.

Scientists have long known that light can be used to move nano-objects thanks to the fact that photons have both linear and angular momentum. Transferring the linear momentum from photons to an object results in an optical force that can be exploited for trapping (for example, in “optical tweezers”) and cooling. And the angular momentum carried by photons can induce a…

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