The Secret of the Earth’s Inner Sun and the Human brain.

The human brain, through the Pineal Gland(a White Hole) is connected to the Earth’s Inner Sun(a Black Hole).

Nikola Tesla was aware of this.

Giuliana Conforto shows the connection.

The black Sun in the center of the Earth

The “Black Sun”, at the center of the Earth, is in tune with ancient theses and even recent applications.

It is enough to recognize the peculiarity that distinguishes us humans from other mammals: the upright posture .

It is possible while awake and not in the dormant state, a fact that many take to be obvious and to which they do not pay attention. What builds our bodies? Conscience.

And what is conscience? Academic sciences and medicine avoid the question because they don’t know the answer. Yet we have concrete clues that allow us to give an answer without giving credit to “experts” who do not know. One is our upright posture.This reveals the relationship between human consciousness and the verticals of the planet, verticals that converge at the center of the Earth. There is the Crystalline Heart that moves in free and unpredictable ways, it is not oppressed by the weight of the upper layers, nor is it composed only of Iron, as the media in the service of academic “experts” still repeat. According to recent studies, the Crystalline Heart is composed of an iron carbide, it is the largest reserve of Carbon on the planet, the first element of Life! It is similar to a whirling Diamond that composes and emits the eternal Harmony that can erect our bodies and awaken our minds. Crystals are known to emit music and the Great Crystal at the center of the Earth – the Crystalline Heart, discovered by geophysicists in 1936 – may well be the Source of Life.loved by the peoples and felt by the great sages.

In 2004, another great “novelty”: in the center of the Crystalline Heart that rotates to the East, there is another small heart that rotates to the West. In the Middle Ages the sages spoke of the FIRST MOTOR at the center of the Earth, celebrated by Dante in Paradise where the “blessed spirits rotate in opposite verses” .

What if they were the two horizons – centripetal and centrifugal – of the rotating Black Hole at the center of the Earth?

We could understand what binds us to the Sun or Black Hole in the center of the Earth: the white hole in the center of our heads – the pineal gland that emits hormones and directs our hormone secretion – that is, our endocrine system.

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