Looking Through A Glass(Crystalline) Onion.

What if…what we see in the sky…all the stars, Galaxies etc were a giant optical illusion, and what if in fact…all the Planets in our Solar System…




were inside one another,




…and the 14th century Italian poet Dante Alighieri‘s description of “Hell” being depicted as nine concentric circles located within the Earth…was an account of the Earth’s True “Inner Interior”…


unnamed (1)


and that each concentric layer, or sphere or planet…were like different sHELL’s…creating a diffraction from the projection of the earth’s inner sun…






…meaning the 9 Planets in our Solar System were not at all “distant” from each other…but were instead “distinct” from each other…


each with it’s own combination of nuclear particles, matter, geometry…times etc…




…so that…what is seen in the sky…





…is a Diffraction…







…and is like looking into a “hall of mirrors”…













…as the Italian Astrophysicist and teacher of Classical and Quantum Mechanics Giuliana Conforto and many other’s including the French astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet have shown and suggested…





Click to access 0509171.pdf



Is the great author of the astronomical illusions the black hole sun at the center of the earth, the earths inner inner core





“Black”, because we cannot see it, so the black sun is…an Invisible Sun…







The Earth’s inner Sun – Giuliana Conforto







Astronomical illusions – Giuliana Conforto







Venus is Earth…in another time.

Mars is Earth…in another time.

Jupiter is Earth…in another time…etc etc.



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