Grand Unification Theory of Cold Fusion (and a few other things)

Dark Matters a Lot

Ok, so here is my theory about cold fusion, which actually might answer questions about a few other things in nature.  I am refining my theory continuously so please be patient and make comments if you would like!  I am still adding references to publications so I will not leave anyone out and I did not come up with this theory without a lot of input from other’s publishings.  This includes but is not limited to publications from Dr. Storms, Dr. Celani, Dr. Hagelstein, Dr. Ahern, Dr. Widom and Mr. Larsen and others.  I would like to thank the crew at Vortex; Jed, Terry, Axil, David, JoJo, Abd etc. for keeping me interested in this subject.  All of the documents posted by Jed Rothwell at and by Steven Krivit have been helpful as well as the group at the CMNS Google group, especially Peter Gluck who is a wise…

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